Boycotting Gawker sites and contacting their supporters with concerns about their ethics has cost them dearly. They've just recorded a 7 figure loss-implying 1 million dollars, but possibly anything up to ten times as much. They've fired their editorial director, and their founder is stepping down.

People will reference that whole Gamergate thing, which I've intentionally avoided discussing because both sides of it turned their own moral crusade into something grotesque. But I've had them blocked since I read about their ties to a group on this website, and what they did with those dies.

Some jerk had subreddits filled with pictures of minors snapped by people in their vicinity and posted so they could make lewd comments, which is pretty terrible. That begs for somebody to step in and do something, right?

Well, Gawker teamed up with people who doxxed the participants. From what I read, all but the jerk running the subreddits and one teacher were also minors basically engaged in locker room talk about their crushes. The personal information they gathered on those kids was posted to Tumblr and eventually blocked when they took enough crap over it.

But that doesn't change the fact that they called a bunch of minors pedophiles for being attracted to people their own age, posted those minors' personal information, and tried to build an Internet vigilante mob to target those children.

Gawker takes legitimate issues and twists them for clicks in a way that makes it easy for them to accuse or insult anybody who disagrees with their practices. In so doing, they can manipulate any situation or topic for revenue no matter how disgusting their practices turn out to be in the end, who they harm in the process, or whether their efforts are even self-consistent. Like in that case where they became a threat to children under the guise of protecting children.

Since I blocked them way back when I read about that, I've been spared of their baloney since then. But every time I ever see the name "Gawker" or the name of any of their affiliated sites, it never fails that some serious social issue or matter of justice is being manipulated by sociopaths for attention. These are the kind of people who would attend a funeral so they could post articles insulting the burial clothes of the departed.

They're just a bunch of manipulative jerks who prey upon gullible people without a solid, independent sense of morality.

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