Bryan Steil for Congress!

That’s just awful. Kinda reminds me of the 2016 sheriff elections in my home county as a younger ‘pede. Not quite like this, but semi-similar situation. dreamy flashback music

Incumbent at the time (let’s call him Bill) was an insufferable jackass that could barely do his job with a how-to guide. He wasn’t a very likable person outside work either. Even his immediate family were voting against him with indignation given events that happened prior. On top of it all, he’s a swampy nepotist through and through. Seems like you can’t even walk down the street with seeing someone that shares his surname... Enter my dad. 3rd most powerful man in the department according to rank and job, but easily the most charismatic and respected, throws his hat in the ring and handily beats this fuckstick after a looooong campaign trail with the siblings, cousins, and most acquaintances of said fuckstick filling in my dad’s bubble instead of Bill’s. snap back to reality (ope, there goes gravity)

The change in the department that happened during the Bill-Dad transition was almost as drastic as the Obama-Trump power exchange. The community trusted the deputies more now that there’s a competent, respectable fellow at the helm. Fast forward to now, and we just can’t stop winning, folks!

Sorry about the long-ass story, but I was reminded of the elections and really wanted to share.

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