I (33F) need to tell my boss I can't visit him (50'sm) offline because I am highly agoraphobic. I have never met him in-person and am unable to do so. How do I explain such a weird situation?

I know you've been feeling anxiety/panic thinking of this situation, and understandably so. But try to look at it as objectively and logically as possible. Let's not even take into consideration that your contributions have been spectacular. If you are an employee whose contribution trend is positive and whose physical presence in the office is irrelevant, there is no way they would let you go, especially because of a disability (temporary or not) that interferes with you being physically present. The fact that your results are stellar is truly a prediction of how well they will react.

Secondly, I think that disclosing your disability to your work colleagues will eventually have positive effects on your recovery. Good luck and congrats on your awesome achievements so far.

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