[Build Help] $3000 PC Build, need assistance figuring out if I picked the right parts.

  • drop the water cooling, If you are getting that expensive high end water cooling CPU cooler to overclock it, you may want to reconsider. Best case scenario, overclocking may indeed give you 1-5 FPS more (Real world gaming overclocking benchmarks ), But, dollar for dollar, it's better to just get a faster CPU/GPU with that extra fan money, which would be WAY faster than overclocking. Besides, you are rolling the dice with overclocking; besides possibly burning up the CPU/RAM/Motherboard, moderate to high overclocking is not stable, but you need to overclock that much to get any difference. CERTAINLY others may have been successful with overclocking their CPU a lot, but it may have come from a different batch than yours and they have completely different hardware. Overclocking may not like your motherboard, ram or GPU. Troubleshooting that is time consuming, annoying and expensive; do you want to be buying a different part to see if it makes your whole system more stable? Also every day here I deal with someone who has burned up some of their hardware overclocking and they "don't know why" when clearly the marketing told them or noobs here said overclocking would be okay. I don't care if your motherboard was "designed" for it. It's a gamble and if it's not stable and you have to resort to stock speeds, now you have a overpriced CPU fan/MB/RAM. You're also now a PC builder, so you will be upgrading. What's the market for a CPU that has been heavily overclocked it's entire life? Would you buy one? No. Would you ethically sell one? Up to you. . . Sure the CPU can handle some overclocking, and it's built in, let that do what it's designed to do. If your HDD has crucial (irreplaceable) data on it (pictures, docs, work) that are uncloudable (too big), or downtime is unacceptable (Can't wait 2 weeks to send HDD back and get another one and then restore from backup) then get another identical hard drive and Mirror (Raid 1) it. (Make sure your motherboard supports it) They say there are 2 types of people, those that have lost data, and those that haven't lost data yet, you don't know WHEN your hard drive will fail, but it will. If the data is unimportant, or you have an external, then no worries. You're good. There is always whiners that say it's not a proper backup, but the chances a meteor will hit your computer, someone will steal a full sized PC, or you'll download a virus, is almost zero but the probability hard drives will eventually fail is 100%, and you don't know when. . . it's about downtime not just instant worry free peace of mind backup.
  • otherwise looks fine.
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