C average high-school students, where are you now in life?

Only passed high school because my algebra teacher fudged my final exam to give me the credit I needed (never admitted it but I didn't even finish the exam so I know I didn't pass).

Did four years in the military where I did very well (probably should have stayed), got out and tried college. Tried my hardest to pass basic college math classes and utterly failed. Take out the math and I would have held a 4.0 gpa for the two years I was there. Literally stopped going because no matter how hard I studied and got help, I could not balance it with my other classes.

Had a few jobs before I went and learned to weld. Company I was with wanted to pay me as little as possible (not many welding jobs around here) so now I'm working as a glazier (glass installer) making $19/hr with zero experience in the field until I can figure out what to do next.

I'm content but I have no idea what I truly want to do in my life. I'm almost 28 and I feel like my time is running out to get into a career. My poor math skills have been haunting me for over two decades. I can retain almost anything besides math, unless it's construction math which for some reason I am quite good at.

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