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Oh wow so Sujoy Roy is playing, but nobody knows who he is nowerdays? Why is that? Let me give you the REAL version of who this "PROFESSIONAL QUAKE PLAYER" is.

Sujoy Roy was supposedly one of the best players of Quake back in the day (when I say back in the day I mean 1996 - yes probably before Arteezy was born). He played for a "clan" (yes a weird word for you "newbies" but think WOW guild or something similar and you aren't far off) called Demonic Core. DC-Sujoy was, from an outsiders perspective, considered one of the best players in the country, this was a title easy to achieve as NO-ONE besides the people really playing the game properly knew who was good. There were no forums (BluesNews was the closest to that) and the only people who could rate their own were the players. The only reason Sujoy was considered good was that he was the best at marketing himself and won a couple of tournaments at the time when the game was in its infancy (against bad players). To help this he was in a privileged position of having a connection from Oxford University (yes the Oxford University) which basically afforded him a 13ms ping vs a typical 200ms ping from someone who connected from modem at that time (90% of players were connecting via modem).

Demonic Core were at then one of the better teams in quake, however not the best. The Quake Lords with QL-Ettu, later QPD-Ettu (Quake Police Department), were the best clan in the UK if not the european scene. This later progressed to SK gaming (yes the SK gaming with individuals like SK - Timber etc, the SK gaming still running today).

Nobody knows about a lot of these guys because they were modest, nice and to be frank great players.

So why am I here? I am here to call Sujoy out, I feel ashamed he has come up on my radar 19 years after I last saw him claiming he was a "quake professional" I don't give a f%$£ how much you fangays like him, I want everyone to know the fact if there is a "professional" quake player it wasn't him.

To be quite frank he knows that and he should be f%&$ing ashamed of using the title.

Here are a list of names which were in the UK, Germany and Sweden and which were a million times better than him at the game:

SK - Kane QPD/SK - Timber QL - Ettu EA - Paracyde DC - Nightwing DN - Melee DN - Aerotus DN - Mean EA - Ser SK - Kane She (yes a chick I saw her destroy him at LAN - she also wrecked me)

Just thought you should know who this guy is before you bow down.....

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