Do you want to play Pathfinder RPG? Do you want to donate to charity? Do you want to fight demons? Come to Dragon's Den July 11th!

Richmond VA’s Pathfinder Society Lodge and Dragon’s Den Gaming is proud to present the multi-table interactive special Siege of the Diamond City on July 11th from 12:00-6:00 PM at Dragon’s Den Gaming in Glen Allen, VA. Join fellow Pathfinder agents in defending the city from demon attacks, all while helping heal kids. There is a $5 minimum entry fee, with all proceeds to benefit Extra Life, a movement of gamers helping raise funds for local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

This event supports characters level 1-15 and offers tables in both normal and core mode. There is a 36 player limit for this event. If you’d like to contribute your time in making this event a success, or if you have any questions, please contact [email protected] Pre-Registrations and signs are through Warhorn.

For those who aren't familiar, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is an offshoot of Dungeons & Dragons made by a third party following D&D's 4th edition release. It's currently the most popular roleplaying game on the market, even if it doesn't have the brand recognition of it's predecessor. The Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a global campaign where your character records are tracked through chronicle sheets and you can play your characters at any store hosting an event. It's sort of an MMO.

Siege of the Diamond City is a big special event available to characters of any level where the events of everyone at the scenario--even those people not at your table--has the potential to change the tide of battle for everyone. These kinds of things are super popular, and people are willing to drive for hours just for this kind of scenario. More than that, it's for charity! Extra Life is one of those charities where people do something and the proceeds to go help kids. So if you need an excuse to waste some time pretending to be a wizard fighting demons, there you go.

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