[Meta] Why are some people becoming disillusioned with GG and/or KIA?

she's earned every bit of attrition she gets.

This is what people legitimately call "victim blaming". You're saying she brought the transphobia on herself as an excuse justifying bigots.

I'm more inclined to believe shes making this all up to support her own ego.

More likely she freaked out over real threats that nothing would have come of. I fully agree that most death threats online aren't anything to worry about. I don't think it's okay to pretend she made them all up, that's ridiculous.

but I also don't give a fuck when shes taking the starving artist route and begging for donations under the guise of harassment, because as a starving artist myself it disgusts me to see someone who doesn't need the money, get showered by it(I take this very personally, but this is as far as I'll interject myself into this issue).

So because you don't like her it makes it okay to use bigoted insults? Simply because you don't like her? It's a shitty thing to do regardless.

I don't see her as a member of the trans community, because I don't see her giving anything back or supporting anyone else in the trans community(if she did, she'd be lauding herself all over twitter the same way she does about everything she does).

So you need a fucking membership card now to be considered trans? That's ridiculous. Listen I'm seperating my views of her as a person right now and trying to talk objectively. I don't really like her from what I've seen of her personality the last few months. But I certainly don't know her, and I"m not about to start misgendering her just to be an asshole.

Your few bad experiences here on KIA regarding how some people feel about someone in the trans community don't represent KIA as a whole

Which is why people are still misgendering her and getting upvoted for it. Just the other day someone called her a man in a top comment, I saw it in the AGG discussion a few days ago.

Also I gotta say this(its a minor thing, but still), when you say "a trans ally", that really grinds my gears. The term "ally" has lost its character due how many different SJW clicques have destroyed it. I've seen "white ally", "straight ally", "male ally" and its become a buzzword that means nothing, like "pro-active" and sounds more like a these are allies going to war.

They said it, not me. I"m just pointing out how ridiculous it is to be an ally and not support the thing you're supposed to be an ally for.

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