Casual Talk 2.0 - Survivor series

Think you for a sec: What could Masvidal even do in a street fight if Kamaru wanted to aggressively hug him against the wall for five hours?

At least with the current rules, he gets a water break every five minutes. The ref can reset them if he’s not doing anything with his position.

On the streets, Kamaru will hug you so violently and so long it will feel like something out of Greek mythology. You will know nothing, just pressure, as he smothers you like a lead blanket for hours upon hours with his beyond-natural cardio for what feels like an eternity. He won’t get tired or bored, and you will be pressed up against the wall or the sidewalk long past the point of exhaustion, until you finally bleed out and die from the pressure of repeated toe stomps.

Sisyphus and his boulder would be enviable.

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