I don’t think my sister is going to make it. Please pray. Or send good vibes. Or something. I’m losing all hope.

I'd like to give some advice because I have been in a situation similar to the patient, including exhausting my family like what you are dealing with. Having close to full recovery now (with therapy, acupuncture & herbs, and support), I want to first say that the meds probably will not be helpful if used in the long term, especially because they naturally create dependence (they are meant for short term behavior control, and doctors are suppose to do cost-benefit when assigning them). Please try your best to ween off of those when possible - they do things to an individual that make it hard to be able to become normal for a long time to come. Next, I want to suggest that your sister might be acting out due to frustrations of some sort of lacking - a lack of challenge or accomplishment in life. Try to get her to pursue some meaningful but not too difficult long-term goals (like school). If that is too difficult, just start with hobbies or anything enjoyable may work. Things are rough, but I think everything you guys are doing will pay off in the end. I'll PM you with more information (a detailed post of my personal story on another website that you can look at if interested).

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