Children of Men is scarier now than it was when it was released. Anyone else rewatch it lately?

Seen it a couple of times, but not recently - I just could go for another rewatch soon. In my eyes: a proper masterpiece, through and through.

Funny personal tidbit: a very good friend of mine is usually completely opposite to me when it comes to movies, as in whatever he likes I pretty much hate .. and vice versa. There are occasional overlaps here and there, but for the most part it's sort of a running joke at this point and we often laugh about it - but what he doesn't know is this: when I found out he didn't like Children of Men (literally called it "boring crap"), I was so baffled it literally just sunk beyond salvaging any respect whatsoever I had for his movie taste, and can't take seriously anymore anything he says about any movie. If he said anything else, formed it differently, I don't know, "not my cup of tea, but I recognize the x is well-done" (x being whatever - screenplay, actors, visuals, camera, music, directing .. anything) - sure, I could understand and take into account as an honest opinion, subjective dislike and yet respect for the craft. But nope .. he just trivialized it and threw straight into the rubbish bin.

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