CMV: The American People Stand Literally Zero Chance Against The U.S. Government So Therefore Gun Control Is Acceptable To Save Lives.

You seem to think that if Americans descended into a Civil War, taxes are unaffected (it takes a lot of money to fund and maintain all those big money weapons you're talking about), life is going on as usual (Gen Z soldiers are still sticking around the military in the midst of a Civil War because they think they're getting student loans paid off at the end of it?), having the most military members means you control everything (it would only take one highly motivated anti-government soldier saboteur in an important position to really mess with something like drones or fighter jets), that an insurgent strategy is useless (imagine the usefulness of guns when instead of suicide bombings you can commit mass shootings targeting, say, a common hangout of military officials) because we just killed a guy 21 years later, and that no other government would give us weapons to go along with our privately owned ones the way we give weapons to Ukraine.

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