CMV: PUA tactics aren't sexist

I think it is probably a broad-brush but I also think its not without merit. Its actually a fairly straight forward process to be honest and comes off as common sense if you think about it...

I highly recommend reading Mystery Method - even just as a general book to read out of interest. In the book he outlines 3 stages (which are also split into 9 diffetent substages) He boils it down to Attraction-Comfort-Seduction. He basically states you have to do all 3 in order to get a successful pick-up. The problem is most guys skip the Attraction part and try to comfort the woman first and thats how they end up getting 'friendzoned' or another mistake guys make is getting them attracted and then skipping to seduction - for example I have picked up girls in a bar and made out with them that night. I would get their number thinking I had secured a date but once you text them they seem disinterested. There could be a multitude of reasons for this such as them feeling weird for getting so physical with a guy despite not really knowing them. In these cases if I had taken a step back and built comfort before trying to kiss them, I may have secured a 2nd date.

Obviously there is a lot of stuff in between - some of which may even be silly recommendations (Magic Tricks and Standing at a 45 degree angle to convey disinterest etc...) but I think the basic formula of Attraction-Comfort-Seduction seems like a fairly plausible idea.

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