CMV: Women, in the name of equality just played themselves.

yes i did.

while i did find the notion of a small engine in a big car quite fascinating and definitely looked over the benefits a female puberty provides, i still am not completely sold on the idea that essentially it makes no sizable difference. the language, as is the case with any proper scientific article is very... let's say non suggestive. if there's a small difference, even if 2-5% that can cause drastic difference in outcomes.

i say this because the difference between men and women track athletics is around 1 second and the essential biomechanical difference is about 10%. the real world advantage of 10% is massive though.

also, sorry for not replying to it earlier, got too lost in replying to all other messages. but yeah, though i am not completely sold about it, your perspective does bring more nuances to it. ∆

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