Co-founder interviews in NYC - Tomorrow! (Monday May 2nd 2016)

First, thank you for your interest and response. I'll answer in order of answered questions.

I recently left a company at which I gained the majority of my experience. (I worked at 2 other companies aside from the most recent one) I started off as the youngest employee in the company 10 years ago, as a tiny little salesperson. They are currently one of the largest online resellers in their category, grossed 200mil last year, and still growing. Over the years, I learned the ropes and made my way up the ladder, to the top level management position. I would oversee our CS Team, online written communication through our messaging system (which I worked hand in hand with our development team to create a few years back), and also work with our IT Dept to develop new functions for our system, website, etc.

So, I am very tech savvy, can sell, teach, and strategically work hand in hand with my team to excel.

The intent of this post was surely not to mislead with anything vague, rather to give a short glimpse of someone who is well established, knows how to work hard, and is also a settled family man with his lens focused on a successful [very near] future.

Much information hasn't been disclosed about "my idea" though, because I find that connecting with the right cofounder starts with the a great relationship and the ability to efficiently communicate/work with one another. Then, we can speak about my idea and see if we share a love for it, as that's what will keep everyone motivated throughout the process. So my goal is to find that person and effectively convey my idea so we can delve right into creation shortly after.

I like to move quickly, strategicallly, and efficiently.

A question for you though- Having many friends that have already graduated law school and currently working in firms, all I can remember is how little time they had available to them during their years of study. Do you believe you'll be able to handle more than just law school? All along, it seems like students make it pretty clear that it's all they can handle mid-semseter. What year are you currently in?

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