Commenters on r/PublicFreakout declare war on women after a man kills two of his exes over an apparent custody dispute

"It did!! It totally did!! It all happened!!" in your head, maybe.

You're the only one in denial of your comments so far. Which given your track record of lying about shit you′ve said in this very thread, pretty well justifies no one else buying in.

None of it's true and there's no proof of it,

What everyone else has said about your fanfic of women abusing the guy who beat them and killed them.

screaming and bawling like a fatherless child.

Like the two kids whose daddy you defended for killing their Mom? ″She′s no saint″.....remember?

You already saw I was willing to admit I was wrong once

I saw you make excuses for being wrong after getting schooled by several people and then lie and reinvent yourself as neutral, even though your first comment clearly calls two women who got murdered ″abusers who drove a man to suicide″.

no one is on your side here,

Vote totals tell me otherwise. Remember? You bitched about getting downvoted.

The only new asshole I've been putting up with is you, lmao.

I suppose since you've had to live with yourself so far you're never really had a ″new″ asshole to deal with; just the few people in your life dealing with you. Women need not apply.

Called it on the 3rd fake rage quit. Got you wrapped up lol

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