136 words r/funny poster uses the term "pregnant people" 199 words Man pushing middle age discovers that teen Tinder users only want one thing, and is upset by what it is 237 words Multiple skirmishes breaks out in /r/latestagecapitalism when OP quotea Muhammad Ali to defend Russia's invasion of Ukraine 349 words Guy with the highest of reasoning skills and smartest self taught man alive sparks lively debate. Gives teachers solid financial advice, “Just return the salary.” 154 words A post in r/war points out alleged double standards in the way Ukrainians are portrayed in the Western media vs Palestinians. Literal war breaks out in comments 229 words Sifu confirmed to be getting an easy mode in updates, r/SifuGame has a meltdown. 118 words [Megathread part 2] r/antiwork reopens, r/workreform gains momentum 144 words AoC tests positive for COVID. slapfight in r/politics follows 138 words User in /r/ReadyorNotGame asks if there will be a school shooting map in the tactical SWAT simulator. Dev responds, "you better believe there will be". Game is dropped by publisher, and reddit reacts. 119 words Keanu Reeves laughs out loud at a man trying to sell him the idea of NFT's. Skeptics and Cryptobros Right Click, Save As their way down the Rabbit Hole. 237 words Commenters on r/PublicFreakout declare war on women after a man kills two of his exes over an apparent custody dispute 294 words [Death] Man gets shot going to pick up his kid at ex's house in Texas. Was it self defence or not? Was it murder? Is America a shithole? Publicfreakout and Actualpublicfreakouts discusses! 160 words Comedian Bill Burr makes fun of Kyle Rittenhouse for crying. One commenter on r/BillBurr is qwhite upset. Also, is it all Burr's wife's fault? Is he just a BLM cuck now? r/JoeRogan is on the case! 132 words “Moderation is one of the most useful jobs to society.” r/TrueOffMyChest mod threatens to ban anyone who claims being a moderator isn’t a real job. 122 words Is it cringey to hate conservatives? One misfit on r/punk chooses to rise against the downvotes and causes a clash when they dislike a prank call to a conservative radio show. 172 words MLB’s commissioner says the Native American community is “wholly supportive” of the Atlanta Braves marketing (including the Tomahawk Chop). The National Congress of American Indians responds, and r/baseball has some hot takes 125 words Getting the vaccine now? Drama starts on r/pics over OP posting an image of his parents getting vaccinated. 165 words "Are we shaming women now for wanting to control their bodies?" r/ChildFree discusses the recent news that comedian John Mulaney is expecting a child with new girlfriend Olivia Munn 171 words /r/NoNewNormal takes misinformation to a whole new level and creates a fake pedophilia subreddit. 162 words /r/Ivermectin has been classified as NSFW as users spam horse porn to combat misinformation