132 words “Moderation is one of the most useful jobs to society.” r/TrueOffMyChest mod threatens to ban anyone who claims being a moderator isn’t a real job. 122 words Is it cringey to hate conservatives? One misfit on r/punk chooses to rise against the downvotes and causes a clash when they dislike a prank call to a conservative radio show. 172 words MLB’s commissioner says the Native American community is “wholly supportive” of the Atlanta Braves marketing (including the Tomahawk Chop). The National Congress of American Indians responds, and r/baseball has some hot takes 125 words Getting the vaccine now? Drama starts on r/pics over OP posting an image of his parents getting vaccinated. 165 words "Are we shaming women now for wanting to control their bodies?" r/ChildFree discusses the recent news that comedian John Mulaney is expecting a child with new girlfriend Olivia Munn 171 words /r/NoNewNormal takes misinformation to a whole new level and creates a fake pedophilia subreddit. 162 words /r/Ivermectin has been classified as NSFW as users spam horse porn to combat misinformation 173 words Horse dewormer enthusiast sub r/ivermectin turns into anti-ivermectin meme sub. Enthusiasts and memers engage in healthy debate in the comments. 280 words Are macros cheating? One r/EscapeFromTarkov user doesn't think so and gets tilted when others disagree 192 words A Rick and Morty clip posted to r/videos leads to slapfights over the r-word 130 words Star Citizen drama in R/Games when it get's brought up on No Man's Sky's 5th Anniversary 185 words Much tea was spat, and many rich tea biscuits were dropped after one user on r/askuk says that racism is bad 132 words Unpopular opinion turns into a shitshow when an OP says there is zero reason to let a 14 year old should be wearing shorts that shows their ass, or in shorter words in OP's own words, like a hoe. Comments descend into chaos over the fact that they used hoe, among other things. 266 words A pinned r/cringetopia mod statement causes celebration and controversy. Can transphobic dogwhistles exist? What is the legacy of r/cringeanarchy? Are the mods based? 188 words r/StudentLoanDefaulters Mod takes stance against vaccines and liberal media. Permabans anyone who disagrees with him. 163 words /r/banpitbulls mod posts that white women have sex with dogs. Mod claims they're not racist. The comments go wild 241 words /r/banpitbulls mod posts that white women have sex with dogs. Mod claims they're not racist. The comments go wild 154 words "The way I see it pedophilia is at the same place the GLBTQ and the rest of the alphabet soup was about twenty five years ago." Intellectuals of r/conservative discuss paedophilia acceptance in US media 170 words Is calling something casually racist equals to racism? An explosive debate over the name "Sumting Wong" results in a dev banning a user in r/SpaceHaven 144 words Can the mods of /r/conservative ban your IP address from reddit? One user prepares a lawsuit against these alleged abuses