Commuting from Rural Leduc to Edmonton Doable?

It's okay, I did it, but in reverse for a few years. Lived downtown and worked at various projects around Leduc. Mornings it was better, but I left at 5:45am. Going home was worse, usually between 50 minutes to 1 hour.

If there's an accident, bad weather, or a big event it would sometimes take over an hour, I think at worst during a snowstorm it took 1.5 hours. It can suck because normally you're pretty limited in the alternate routes you can take, so you get stuck on Highway 2 and can't get off to get around whatever's going on.

Something to consider would be cost of fuel. I drive a truck too, I'd be filling up about twice a week and with gas being stupid expensive these days that's an extra $220-ish/week for expenses.

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