Condition Immunity in WvW has been fixed, people banned, RIP Box of Fun

So Anet chooses to ban people using something that THEY themselves put into the game, whether than fixing the bug itself?

I <3 GW2, and I don't necessarily support abusing an exploit, but really, COME ON. People were just having fun! Though I don't support abusing an exploit, I also consider abusing it while its last because really, no one expects them to last forever. But why did Anet have to ban people who chose to abuse it rather than immediately disabling it as SOON as Anet knew it existed? NO. Anet chose to let this prolong for as long as it did without resolving anything, and ultimately, disables the item entirely and BANNED PEOPLE WHO USED IT. Like. WHAT? NOT EVEN FIXING IT? BANNING PEOPLE WHO USED A PRODUCT OF THEIR OWN DESIGN, and THEN DISABLING IT?

I know someone personally who has received a 60 day ban for this. This kind of attitude towards their own design is one of the most disheartening strategies to tackle their own mistakes. Honestly, I'm disgusted. I feel for the victims of anyone who went against someone who abused a bug, but no one deserved a 60 day ban for this.

As a final note, it just gets so comical to me. GW2's most unsupported game mode faces the fiercest ban penalties. I don't understand. I just don't. I love GW2, but Anet needs to fix their own messes without punishing people who take advantage of them. None of this would have happened if stuff was properly checked before going live.

TL:DR Banning people for exploits Anet puts into the game themselves is wrong. Anet should check their stuff before thoroughly before shipping it. No one deserves a 60 day ban for this.

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