Confessed to my crush and got little heartbroken

I did the fucking same to my good friend 2 years ago when I was an 8th grader, I confessed just as stupidly and cowardly as you did, and she responded like your crush responded.

I really do believe I had a chance and we had something going on before but I ruined it with my cowardly confession. I could even say "hey, wanna go watch a movie?" instead of writing 3 paragraphs and she would say yes but I fucked up like you did. I still regret to this day. It is incredibly surprising how similar we confessed. The wording be nearly the same if I spoke english. You aren't alone man, time will heal you probably
2 years later, now, we are in the same class in high school with her and it turns out I still have feelings but I'm getting mixed messages from her. Sigh. Maybe I won't fuck up this time if I get the chance.

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