Craig Ferguson On How Not To Be Nervous Around Woman

In the short run, no, it probably doesn't work as a "strategy" to get laid or get dates. In the long run, it might help a guy to get over his nerves, act less spazzed out around women he finds attractive, and train him to be more upfront with his thoughts, feelings and desires without overthinking things, and thus become more confident in a natural way. But this would necessitate not being too hung up about not getting "results" straight away. It's more Mark Manson and less Mystery Method.

I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to Craig Ferguson here because he is quite a cool dude. That "magic button" joke he threw in was also great, but I guess that's the kind of thing that could sound very tryhard if it came from a guy who read on a forum "I must throw in a sexualized joke in there to spike her attraction". Maybe a better attitude would be "it's okay to throw in a sexualized joke in there if that's what you feel like, instead of censoring yourself because you're worried what people might think of you".

Just my two cents.

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