Creating a fixture in QLC+ for my off brand moving head

my only issue is that I own a home, live alone, I'm financially secure, and learn so fucking fast I get bored when I hit the top of an industry so I drop it and start at the bottom of another one. Look through my history and you might see some of the stuff I'm talking about. I have no reason to lie, and I don't think you're lying either..... but like..... so lets say I've lit Anderson pak, Zhu, Josh Wink, Claude von stroke, Tokimonsta, Michael Cappriiati, Carl Cox, blah blah blah and 100 more, becuase when you work as the head teach at a local venue, everyone comes in for the night. They didn't chose you, the venue owner did, and there's a BIG difference between artists asking you to do work for them, and being the minimum wage worker the venue could convince to do that job. you're the lowest bidder, not the best show. Now, when artists start coming to you becuase they have heard of your work becuase you are the best at something, and pay you thousands a day for you to play around on the set of their music video, that's.... thats the "normal" segment of lighting designers, and musicians in general.

I feel bad for you, if you just ask the right questions you'd get far in life... instead.... you're just stuck. You don't know enough to

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