[Critique] I think I over-analyze everything which makes it hard to write up these things and then I second guess thinking I sound strange. I need your objective POV and would appreciate your feedback.

You're not selective enough and you don't give people any turn-offs or extreme turn-ons. There is nothing about your profile that makes me think "no way am I going to contact this woman", or "I desperately must contact this woman". You're a nice, reasonably attractive woman and I'd read your profile and write to you because why not and I'll put two paragraphs of effort into it and reference a few things in your profile (movies seems to be the obvious one) and if you didn't write back I'd shrug and move on.

You're going to get a lot of contacts from men who have made up their own stories about you. People fill in blanks when we read other people's profiles, and yours is full of blanks that can be filled in.

You seem like someone who adapts to a partner and is easy-going. You seem uncritical of others' faults, considerate, and willing to see others' points of view. This is great in theory and no doubt is amazing in a good relationship, but in practice, in dating practice, it doesn't let men select themselves in or out as to whether they should contact you. I have no idea whether I'm going to interest you or annoy you.

The decision is left completely and totally up to you, by how you've written your profile, and I have no real idea of your criteria for it. So I'm not going to bother investing any real effort into the question of whether or not you'll date me. I'd be pleased if you did agree to meet me, and I would make a decent and honest attempt to get to know you and find out who you really are; I wouldn't really care if you didn't.

For example "I don't drink anymore, but I have zero problem with those that do". That says you're open to dating tee-totallers and boozehounds. As I am somewhere on that spectrum, I'm going to think that it applies to me. If I had my own complex about it and was insistent on dating a tee-totaller like myself or a boozehound like myself, I'm probably still not going to rule you out - as a tee-totaller I'd think "I respect her decision and will support her in it" and as a boozehound I'd think "Eh, she'll have a glass now and then, no biggie."

This paragraph in particular "I don't have a physical "type" and have a history that attests to that. I think someone that's a lot like me in terms of personality will be someone I mesh the best with." is extremely generic and invites us to subconsciously write our own stories around that.

Specifically it invites ugly fat guys who have nice personalities to write to you, hoping that you'll message back, and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that because you are a real human being who wants someone attractive to bang rude bits with, you won't write back to them. OP, you don't need to be on OKCupid to find ugly fat guys with nice personalities. The world abounds with them. Take up Magic: the Gathering. Actually, take up role-playing games - you'll never be involuntarily single again. Not many of us are male models, but plenty of us are at least somewhat physically attractive.

TL;DR: your profile says "if you are alive and male and not a douchebag, contact me". Be more selective.

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