The Cryptic Case of the Crypto Internship: A Case Study on Existentialism and Job Offers.

Title: Offered a Crypto Internship in San Fran, CA, made arrangements for the job and then the company withdrew offer saying there was no offer!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen,


To clarify I am a British guy whom was offered a job in CA, the company which I won't disclose their name as of yet offered me a position to be an intern. An executive member of staff offered me the job via email. During the negotiation period conducted by the same member of staff the CEO messaged informing me that the position had now been changed from in-office to remote, having been originally told that the position was in-office I argued the point saying that you offered me an in-house role thereby I believe it is fair that you honor your decision. However, she emailed me back saying that an agreement could not be made despite another member of the executive team offering me a full time internship - a truly monumental dog shit communication issue.


To rub salt in the wounds the CEO then replied to my next email in which I displayed proof of a job offer and evidence of flights which I had cancelled (I was originally going to travel to Brazil to see friends - then was offered the job so I cancelled it as the opportunity was great). She replied saying, "I don't believe we have made any offer to you". Thereby, making an attempt to avoid responsibility in regards to refunding my flights and wasting my time.


If anyone has any background in law in the U.S. could you please let me know if I have any legal ground here, it would be massively appreciated!!

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