Crypto crash is here.

na.. Crypto began to crash just before the NASDAQ started to crash (November 2021).

The basics of it all is its just that various bubbles are bursting.

Bitcoin dropped to 5k in march 2020 (covid) and then pumped up to 60k+. Now its 30k and people say its crashed.. it will go a lot further down over time.

NASDAQ (tech stocks) went 2.5x from march 2020 to November 2021. So 250%.

Houses went up 20% in one year.

Long term inflation is like 3% a year. So if something goes up 250% then you know there is an issue.

All it is, is noobs who dont know shit, FOMOing into buying stuff... everyone getting hyped and everything is pumped up... that runs out of steam, now the same idiots are selling and are shit scared and will continue to sell hard over time.

Crypto has pumped and crashed so many times now. Same with stocks. People are just idiots.

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