Dear Mods, Cope.

I mean, I'm not advocating for anyone genuinely creeping over Sanna Marin and I'm definitely not going to die on the hill of defending these memes, but I feel like the memes about her posted here that I've seen have been a) not really what I would call creepy, b) ironic whether or not they could be read as kinda creepy and c) at least a lot more varied than the other examples you mentioned

I mean sure, they have more potential to be creepy than the memes about fucking military organisations and hardware, anthropomorphised in anime form or not, since she is actually a real existing human being. But I don't think that they're inherently more weird for being about an actual human, and it's not like memes featuring her are at all the sort of shit you get on the literal thirst/creep subs about (insert any female celebrity name here).

So I don't quite follow why they seem to rile some people up so much. It's just a running joke on the shitposting sub that you don't find funny, which is fine, but I don't go telling people they're not allowed to laugh at the stupid jokes here that I don't find funny or that I even find embarrassing

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