Cults, Internet Marketers, and The Red Pill

Yeah I agree with you. The author is turning his hyper-critical eye towards everything on earth. Who cares if condescension has become a trendy aesthetic? Just ignore it if it bothers you.

One of the toughest things to accept is that people only criticize things they feel threatened by. Obviously the author feels threatened by websites like "How to Beast," but I'm curious why he doesn't introspect instead of externalizing blame.

What is it about "how to beast" that threatens you? The idea that a guy could be making money from the exact same knowledge that you have, with nothing more than the application of a few basic marketing principles?

The Red Pill will never be an altruistic movement because altruism does not exist in nature. (See Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene for confirmation of this fact). You're lamenting the loss of Red Pill as an altruistic movement for aiding men in their efforts to self-actualize, but Red Pill was never altruistic in the first place... Everyone has an agenda.

I admire a lot of your writing, Thumotic, but this particular piece lacks introspection. Instead of spending energy criticizing other men's attempts to make money, why don't you spend that energy making money yourself?

And now, in order to practice what I preach in terms of introspection, I ask myself: Why am I spending energy criticizing your criticism? What is it about your post that threatens me?

The answer is that ultimately, hyper-critical thinking is not serving me very well in life, so I feel threatened when you apply hyper-criticality to yet another aspect of life (marketing and sales).

Red Pill codifies human behavior maybe too accurately — spending time on TRP makes me enjoy thinking abstractly about humans more than I enjoy actually interacting with humans.

Thumotic, your post made me realize that I need to stop spending time on TRP. Maybe I'll come back to it later, but for now I am going into TRP retirement. I can no longer live my life through TRP's hyper-critical lens. Once I start seeing all the flaws in women, then I start seeing all the flaws in men, and then humanity itself seems flawed and fucked and gross... The more time I spend on TRP the more humans seem like ants to me.

Your hyper-critical post has caused me to realize that I have been lacking introspection myself. I don't want to think in this hyper-critical manner any more.

I am taking a hiatus from TRP in order to find the good in the world. I want to see the positives instead of the negatives. I want to feel grateful instead of resentful.

Women are whores but it's okay. Men are slaves but it's okay. "How to beast" is condescending and patronizing as fuck but it's okay. Your post is misguided but it's okay.

Goodbye homies. I have appreciated your perspective and objective analysis of life, but the objectivity has overwhelmed me and caused me to view all humans, myself included, as objects. I have lost the sense of story and narrative that used to guide my actions....

I do not leave like Cypher, wanting to plug back into the matrix. Instead, I leave like Neo, wanting to go out into the matrix and PARTICIPATE. I will always know about alphas and betas and shit but I want to go learn new perspectives too.

In a way, I have to thank you, Thumotic. The hyper-critical, non-introspective nature of your post made me realize that I have been hyper-critical and non-introspective ever since taking TRP as the gospel truth. Your post was the last straw of negativity that broke the camels back...

I will now go set forth into this universe of streaming green symbols, seeking my place within it. Maybe that steak will be fake, just the product of a finely-architected computer program, but I still want to bite into it and taste its juice.

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