Jordan Peterson, Fallacies, and the Tragic State of this Sub

That's just your subjective perception of our objective reality. Also, saying non-believers are those who adhere to a slave morality is ridiculous, and again, just your subjective belief. Oh, this person doesn't believe in what I do therefore it has to be a negative way of being. That's the immediate jump you made.

I do not believe in a hierarchy because that would mean I believe there are people below me, and people above me. It would also imply that I give a damn about the status of others within the world around me, when I couldn't give a shit. It ties into an egotistical view of the world.

Sure, the hierarchy may exist, but that doesn't mean I have to believe in it. You can't even quantify a hierarchy either because there's so many variables, and each value 'x' variable at 'y' weight, that no two people within the hierarchy would ever agree on a standard metric.

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