Red Pill dynamics not applying to South Germany? Hottest young girls exclusively dating soyboys & losers

Well, maybe you're normie for them, cuz "blond, blue eyed" might be common in Germany, here in argentina you would be top tier for sure, as well I would be top tier in Germany because I look like a gaucho version of khal drogo jajaja. Young girls usually want "mysterious" guys, the "bad boys", you would be surprised, here, most guys have strong frames, cuz we grow up insulting each other for fun, it's cultural, and I've seen some reeeally ugly mother fuckers, drop outs, drug addicts, etc pulling 10/10 innocents daddy girls, and sometimes impregnate them. just remember that they're girls, not women, prewall girls don't give a flying fuck about you and how "tall-rich-enlightened-succeful-intelligent" you're , they just care about how you make them "feel".

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