I Get So Fed Up of The "If Only Elliot Rodger Learned Game" Argument

Some dudes are just better off paying for it.

I'm not advocating anyone here break any laws depending on where they live, but there are places all over where it's legal and you can pay for it. That angle tends to get some resistance because it contradicts the "Red Pill Brand" i.e. you can't monetize dudes using escorts.

There are some dudes in life where the circumstances might need some calibration. There are some dude out there in wheelchairs. Burn victims. Guys who lost a limb somehow, maybe military or work accident. Midgets. For some dudes "game" really isn't going to stretch out to their needs on a consistent basis. Some of these dudes, most of them are probably better off paying for it. There was a dude posting here a few years ago who was 4'11. I don't give a fuck how much game you load into this guy, his return on his investment is probably better with cash money.

I know tons of high SMV dudes who pay for it. ( Then again, I know a ton of low SMV guy who pay for it too) They calculate the time and cost and decide the time to game X number of girls isn't worth the cost in time/effort/opportunity cost.

I would have rather Elliot Rodger to have just paid for it. Maybe some innocent people would still be alive.

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