I kicked her out

TRP is about facing hard truths, not about having a feel good party for learning to ride with training wheels. There are legit criticisms and plenty of advice in my post about choosing more beneficial avenues, as well as reasons why OPs response was a tactical error. OP has a lot of reading to do and experience to make up for. So while it's good that he's made small steps in correcting bad habits, it is not worth posting a thread on TRP about. What are new users supposed to think when they read this post and think it's a "red pill example" or that it's the correct way to act in this situation? This sub is already polluted with too many terrible posts on the front page daily. Apparently calling out terrible advice and actions means you're a cunt.

You sound like a whiny little bitch that can't handle criticism, you're the perfect mascot for the average male you'd see on TRP these days. Whine and cry because people offer actual advice and criticism and refuse to applaud your mediocrity. Then cover your ears and and run away from any contradicting view points with whatever retarded justification you can dream up. Keep spinning that hamster.

Good luck with improving your life, you'll certainly need it with that attitude.

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