The Current State of Affairs.

The UK pre-2008 was very different to the UK now.

My brother lived there for past 17 years, and I visit all the time. You don't know what you're talking about... and he's in London, the rest of UK is even better for all amenities. BTW I'd advise anyone moving there to avoid London if possible. There's lots of jobs in north, & south England, Scotland and Wales.

A whole host of your comments apply to the UK too

Some do, most don't, and the ones that do, don't have it as bad as we do.

Brexit.. it's actually having a fairly big impact over there too

BoJo is using every trick in the book to make things as easy as possible on UK residents. Uk have it not nearly as bad in regards to; Housing, Health, cost of living, tax, insurance, banking, all these industries are better run and cheaper than Ireland, I have first hand experience, you're talking out of your hole.

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