Is this current version of McDavid better or on par with a peak Crosby and Ovechkin?

Couturier's defensive assignments were tougher and longer and he was virtually a PPG player on a worse team, is the point.

Bergeron's getting recognition now for putting up points as well, so the reputation he has from before as a Selke foward now putting up points is what's lazy, because it's assumed he's still the best defensively, when metrics show his usage is quite different.

Bergeron's on the better line and his role has changed the last few seasons. That's undeniable. Couturier is literally being used in tougher assignments and nearly a PPG player. That's really the point. Bergeron is getting the airtime from point production now, at the expense of others putting in more defensive work.

Bergeron plays with Pastrnak and Marchand. I don't think it's a stretch to attribute his increase in o-zone starts to playing with better offensive players.

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