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I'm in a difficult place with my social aspect of the game right now.

I am part of a group which, back in the Halo days, was active and full of talent. It was a healthy group and a well-known part of the late HaloCharts.com, formerly the biggest Halo stats website. Between Reach and Halo 4 the group has whithered away and now it is comprised of about 10 active members.

Most of them play tons of Destiny but it's becoming harder and harder to have fun while playing with them; they all have something to complain about almost 100% of the time, it seems.

It's become expected that I'll give each of them a "carry" through a Trial each weekend but the sheer amount of complaining and negativity mid-match kills morale and effectively loses games for us. It just isn't fun that way and yet there's a sense of entitlement from some of them that gives me the feeling I'll be the one to blame if I don't get in a run or three with them.

Here's my problem: I have been a part of this group for so long that I feel like I'd be betraying and hurting guys I've known for ages if I leave, but lately I've been forming up a small, unofficial group of people I truly enjoy playing with. They're talented players with a fun mentality and positive outlook. I'd much rather spend time playing with them.

I'm thinking to make a new group comprised of these people and effectively leave the old one, but I'm still hesitant simply because I don't like hurting others' feelings.

TL;DR: Old grumpy group feels shitty to play with. New unofficial group is awesome. I want to make the new group into an official group/clan but don't want to hurt feelings of long-time online friends. What do?

Not that anyone on reddit should care, but does anyone have any advice?

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