Daily Discussion Post - March 24 | Questions, images, videos, comments, unconfirmed reports, theories, suggestions

So to be clear I’m social distancing. I work from home before this happened and don’t go out much at all. I’m not questioning the experts but I’m so hungry for more data. We are making massive changes to the world. People are losing jobs, careers, ways of life, but we are flattening the curve. Can I ask the brutal question though? What is the cost benefit analysis that led to us deciding to shut down the world? Without quarantine was this going to kill 100 million people? There are so many conflicting messages about this. Most posts focus on symptoms or testing. I’m just curious for a data driven explanation. Again I trust the experts, I am heeding the advice to stay put, but I’m wanting the numbers on what justifies this. Can we be honest and say if this was only going to have killed 1,000 people if we kept life as is then we wouldn’t have done this? What brain trust crunched what numbers and got the attention of world leaders to listen to the warning?

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