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Below is the text of an email that I sent to my kids this morning...I in the US and thought I would share for anyone that is thinking of reaching out as a parent to kids that may be out on their own but may also appreciate a note from dad or mom or whomever... take care everyone!!


I know I mentioned some of these things recently, but thought to pass along some of this again:




< put your local resource links here, i included links to (US) state level CDC, premier medical providers, and other local resources that we have. >

My $0.02:

0.0 I know that you are all aware but I want to reiterate that this pandemic is extremely serious as it involves a pathogen that the human species has never been exposed to. The pandemic will likely span several months. Unless we break the chain of hosts (us), the virus will continue to thrive.

DO NOT PANIC. This is NOT a zombie virus.

That said, the R0 (pronounced: R "naught") of the COVID-19 pathogen (virus in this case) is thought at this time to be upwards of 2, so for everyone one person that "gets" the virus, they are likely to spread it to (at least) 2+ people. The reality is that most people will get the virus and will self resolve and will be fine, some people will get mildly sick and others may become very sick and get better. It is, however, a fact that a relatively small, yet numerically significant, percentage will not survive. Doctors are quickly finding that young people are not "immune", but that their outcome is most likely to be positive. Please listen to what the health professionals at the CDC and NIH are telling us (here in the US). You are all too important to us so please do not ignore/dismiss the facts and the science.

1.0 Wash hands immediately upon returning home...then go back and wipe the doorknob, your car keys and surfaces in your car with a sanitizing agent wipe. Assume that anything that you bring into your home from "outside", e.g. groceries is contaminated and if possible, wipe with a sanitizing agent wipe. think door handles, steering wheels, radio knobs, tv remotes, light switches, sink faucet handles, etc. etc. etc. We (humans) tend to touch our faces several thousands of times per DAY. Yeah, wash your hands, (try to) stop touching your face, etc. etc. etc.

2.0 Reserve cash. While the talk right now is that the (US) federal government will be sending "relief" with the intent of this to provide liquidity to people that are likely going to have their cash flow interrupted either because of a layoff, furlough or reduction in hours. Nothing is set in stone with regard to this, but if/when it materializes, it should take the edge off buying necessities (food, shelter, utilities) and for also paying essential bills during this situation. DO NOT spend/buy things that are not needed. "Need" is a relative term, but food, shelter and a safe environment are paramount. Try your best to buy food that is healthy and shelf stable. Canned goods, tuna, veges, etc. Dry pasta if you can find it. Peanut butter. etc.

3.0 Conserve resources. Even if your landlord pays the utility bills at your home/apartment, don't turn all the lights on all day, just because someone else is paying the bill. This situation is global and if we think of each other and do little things, the end result is better, no matter how insignificant it may seem -- things add up.

4.0 Be accountable, have patience and be kind. Literally everyone, everywhere is being impacted or will be impacted by this crisis and the situation is likely to significantly deteriorate in the weeks ahead. Businesses do not have "pandemic plans" and unfortunately, they are needing to develop these in the beginning stages of what is an ongoing and fast moving pandemic. Bad timing, bad planning, lots of room for improvements, etc. Now is not the time to be critical as things are what they are and as long as you stay personally responsible for what you do (i.e. socially/physically distance (1 meter/6 feet), wash you hands often, etc. the outcome will be better for all. That said, if and when the opportunity presents itself, try to remember to thank people who are helping everyone else more than themselves -- primarily thinking of the nurses (especially those that we know and are close to us/family and extended family), doctors and grocery store workers.

Lastly, pray if that's your cup of tea -- it certainly can't hurt. There is a saying, "there are no atheists in foxholes."

Love to all & please stay safe. Peace. --dad

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