Daily Discussion Thread 07/29/19

Hot take (Try not to downvote just because you disagree) but here but here’s my opinion on what should happen via patches:

Nerfs (Major): Joker, ZSS, Snake Nerfs (Mid): Daisy/Peach, Inkling Nerfs (Minor): Rob, Palutena, Pac Man, Ike

Buffs (Major): Krool, Little Mac, Plant, D3, Kirby, Sheik, Pit/DPit, MewTwo

Buffs (mid): CFalc, Falco, Duck Hunt, Toon Link, Meta Knight, Incineroar, Sonic, Zelda, Bayonetta, Isabelle, Corrin, Robin, Villager, Donkey Kong, Ridley, Ryu

Buffs (Minor): Lucas/Ness, Dr. Mario, Lucario, Ice Climbers, Bowser, Charizard, Pichu, Belmont’s, Spamus/Dark Spamus, Yink, Link

If the character you’re looking for was not named, they are fine where they are. Some could use very tiny buffs/nerfs but not enough to make a big difference. If you want to know my opinion on any character and why I believe what they need, just ask! Even if their name wasn’t on here (:

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