Daily FI discussion thread - May 15, 2019

My anecdote is that I was rewarded well above and beyond what I reasonably deserve by changing jobs, whether it was due to getting pushed out or voluntarily changing jobs. I get shit from recruiters every now and then about my short tenure at companies, but I don't really care what they say, because my bank accounts are way more than I would've ever expected for myself, being from a really humble background, simply because of changing jobs. Recruiters always wanna be like oh I see you were only here for a year and there for a year are you like, literally Hitler? And I'm like shrug ok well do you not want to interview me then? I really don't care. Because it's been working out exceedingly well, like I said more than I deserve. I would've preferred the old model of single company loyalty among trusted people you know and who look out for you. That's what I wanted. But that's not what I got. We're all just along for the ride really.

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