Dark Army Agents. What’s the significance of each agents “hq”? Each location is unique and provides something for each character.

Responded to the wrong comment in the thread because I'm smart like that, lol.

Just wanted to add onto your points - Cisco worked at the library, so he probably spent a lot of time there, which would make it his "HQ" of sorts. There's a season 1 deleted scene where Darlene uses books in the library to relay messages to who I assume are other fsociety members, or maybe she's infiltrating comms between Dark Army members...but it's hard to tell. I think it's most likely the latter because in season 2 we see that Cisco arranges a meeting with the Dark Army there (The scene where Xun sticks a needle under his fingernail), so I think the library can be seen as a DA meetup spot of sorts.

It's implied Leon was purposely put in jail by the Dark Army to keep an eye on Elliot, so the prison cafeteria - or the "diner" in Elliot's mind - is his ad hoc HQ because it's probably an easy way for him to communicate with other inmates and other possible DA undercover agents.

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