Dark souls is on sale, is it still a terrible pc port?

Since you realise this, I'm just gonna end that particular argument due to it being a simple difference in opinion.

Please realize, though, that my problem isn't with some one-time "set it and forget it" configuration with the controller itself. It was almost every game. Bully, for example, on steam. My ps3 controller? Oh look, the controls are fucked up. Let me see, which button should control the weapon? Let's look online for a control scheme. Oh wait, bully is a really old game, it's hard to find a picture of the button layout... Hmm... Let me look for ten more minutes... Oh, there it is! Ok, time to alt-tab between this image and the game I'm configuring multiple times while I remap every button manually....

It's just a hassle.

I asked for a specific game example for a reason. I get the concept you are putting forward, but you still haven't come up with any practical evidence that this specific problem exists.

Evidence? :-) I wasn't aware my experiences were in doubt! I can describe it in more detail, but I'm afraid I have nothing forensic-quality to offer you. Maybe others are far more diligent at keeping records of uncooperative games than I. I can only assure you that the things I've described have happened more than a few times (think about it, though - how's the game supposed to automatically map the right actions to the right button positions when the locations of the different inputs (button 1,button 2,etc in Windows) are not standardized across the hundreds of different controllers?)

Another commenter mentioned xbox prompts, which I agree is definitely the case with the majority of games, but also not really the same problem.

For what it's worth, I'm sure he can corroborate that these things happen - like with his pro evolution soccer example - if you want to ask him more about it.

Also, sometimes, Xbox prompts will appear only when you have an Xbox controller selected as the input device for your game. If you have a generic windows gaming device selected, instead of telling you to hit 'A,' it might say something like "hit button number 3." Pretty annoying.

As for controller working on all games the only game I haven't got my controller to work with is, funnily enough, dark souls. However, that is a windows 10 problem with games that require controller exclusivity and not a problem with the controller, it even worked fine in windows 7.

I'm really glad things are working out well for you. I wonder why you've never had to remap the buttons on your controller when you first start playing a game...

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