What was your biggest "I don't know shit about shit" moment as a rookie?

My first real incident where a man had been attacked by an axe over a drug debt (or something like that). I turned up at his house, along with some colleagues, and saw him sat on the sofa with a towel on his head. I asked him to show me his injuries. His head was pretty fucked up to say the least, and his legs had been hacked down to the bone. I tried taking as many details as I could from the man and his SO. I don't know why the hell I thought this was important at the time, I could have done it at any other time following from this, but i stood there like a fucking jackass, asking about details of the incident.

Anyway, myself and another officer (That i'd never met before) decide to drive the guy to the nearest hospital (ambulances would have taken too long). I sit in the back of the car with the victim, holding some bandages on his head. I had to keep talking to him to make sure he remained conscious but all I could think of saying was stuff like 'So....how are you feeling?' (Obviously he felt like absolute shit). I got out of the car completely covered in blood, kind of awestruck by the fact that I was in this situation. Another person was relying on me for help - I'd only ever worked in a supermarket before - How the fuck did I get myself into this position? I don't know what the hell I'm doing!

Anyway, the victim gets rushed into an emergency room and my colleague rushes off to book him into the hospital. I'm left with the victim and several nurses. They take the clothes off of the male and cautiously hand them to me. I look at all this blood drenched clothes and immediately think 'What the fuck am I supposed to do with these!?'. A nurse then gives me some evidence bags. I thank her and say 'Ah yes...I was just going to go and get some of these' I wasn't. The thought didn't even cross my mind. Shit.

I then leave the male in the care of the nurses and make my way to find my colleague. I then get lost in the fucking hospital, cant find my colleague, and my radio has no signal whatsoever. So i'm just wandering around this hospital covered in blood, carrying around blood drenched clothes in evidence bags that I didn't know I needed, wondering what the fuck to do. I eventually found him, and then proceeded to check the details I had written about the incident. I have no idea what half of it said - mainly just rushed scribbles.

The officer I was with didn't have a clue who I was, and we got talking. 'Pretty fun day huh? So you not been doing the job long?' he asked. 'Nope' I replied. 'It's my second shift' He looked at me, gave me a wide grin, and handed me a cigarette from his pocket. He didn't say much else as we stood and smoked. I have no idea what he thought about me, but fucking hell that cigarette was good.

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