Dashboard UI sucks and I'm thinking about selling my Xbox pls someone explain to me why I shouldn't sell pls

lol so you are going to leave this "echo chamber" to go back to the biggest echo chamber of them all lol that is quite pathetic i have looked in that subreddit before and i guarantee i could make a post saying obama sucks and id get upvoted to the front page within 5 minutes like there have been posts there that have just said liberals suck that have been upvoted into the thousands but that is probably because of the upvote bots that are on that subreddit like damn posts have been so derailed from their topics into just saying obama sucked or liberals suck and they get upvoted and also it is funny how if someone has a differing opinion over there then they get banned instantly and i find it funny how you are calling this subreddit the echo chamber like none of you can have a civil conversation you either just say something sucks then whine or you say liberals suck and then you proceed to start the circlejerk that is that subreddit sure some trump supporters are fine and civil but every one of them in that subreddit is absolute cancer

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