Dating a Closet Case

Well, I'm not sure what part of the state you're in, (I'm down near Statesboro and Hinesville, but things may be a lot more liberal if you're around Atlanta or Athens).

I went through something similar when I was a Junior, luckily the relationship was never consummated, whether or not he really loved me or I just signified the lifestyle that he desired remains to be seen, long story short, I spent over a year desperately in love with him, knew his scent lived for the moments that his hands touched me etc etc. This lasted through my senior year and up until my graduation two springs later. He didn't attend my graduation as promised, when I asked why I was told because most people already figured I was gay and he didn't want rumors about himself. I was crushed and Haven't had a conversation with him since. May will be 16 years since that happened.

Since then He's gotten married, divorced, had a man live with him for about a year, had rumors get to his dad, dumped the guy, married again and had a child.

When I run into him he just stares at me, at times other people have pointed out the guy staring at me, others know the situation and say "That must be X, he won't stop staring over here at you." once he stood at the end of the aisles at a Lowes staring at me and a cousin, who was a bit creeped out by his behavior.

The point is, I could probably be with him, but it would be on the down low, I care too much about myself for that.

Most of the parent's who send their children to Christian Schools down here aren't even doing so because of religious convictions, the schools are gentrified, white students and minorities don't last long if they're forced to accept them. The student's grow up with the ingrained thought pattern that being anything other than straight and white is unacceptable, and likely they would lose everyone that they love. This is hard, sometimes too hard for them to overcome. Take a step back and see what he does after graduation, which should be in the next two months, if he stays closeted after graduation, you need to distance yourself, It's unlikely he'll ever come out.

TL;DR: Christian school closet cases are always a mess, tread carefully and know when to let go.

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