Question about genetic and temperamental disposition, establishing Alabai x Akita?

No one cares about ethics. If you did, you would recognize all dog breeds in the USA are invasive species. That's why there is an overpopulation issue its because they don't belong here.

People actively go into the woods and "euthanize" invasive birds, insects, rodents, and amphibians. No one cares. But if the animal shelter euthanizes a Russian dog with a triple coat and can't withstand most climates in the USA. What place does this specific breed have in America? Its invasive.

If you truly cared about ethics, you would advocate for shelter euthanasia to reduce the population and restore breeds to their a) native countries and b) true genetic lineages.

But puppys are cute and dogs are loyal. So people turn a blind eye to reasoning and point their fingers at everyone else.

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