Dead State Developer trying to get critical review taken off Steam

Someone (don't know if it is her) is on here from 12 hours ago posting stuff like...

"Developer of Dead State here - wanted to clarify this. The poster of the review in question had been harassing the developers (and our mods) on the forums, threatening to continually post in a thread to bump it to the top unless Brian personally went on the forums and gave him a public apology for the bugs he encountered (many of which sounded either unique to his particular machine or have been fixed in recent patches). At no point did he try to PM us asking for any assistance with his issues - he went directly to threats. Our mods thought this was a violation of Steam's harassment policies, and locked the thread. The poster IMMEDIATELY started another thread, which had an inflamatory title and while mostly civil (thanks to other posters), he repeatedly turned it towards harassment. Again, the mods had to lock the thread, and posted a pinned announcement simply asking to keep discussions civil, whether they were positive OR negative. Immediately after this, the poster (though banned from the forums) posts a review, and since then seems to have been doing everything possible to keep it at the top of the reviews.

As a dev, I am bummed out about any and every bug anyone runs into in a game I made, and we've been doing our best to fix every single one we can - sometimes bugs don't pop up until the game is in the wild, no matter what you do in testing. And I am okay with it when people don't like a thing I made - it's unfortunate, and I feel sad about it, but it happens. Not a single person at DoubleBear would EVER try to squelch negative opinion on our game or any other. There are defintiely negative reviews on Steam about our game, and we read them, try to aim to fix what we can, and move on. That's what ya gotta do.

This particular case is honestly one user who wanted something from us we couldn't give, held our forums hostage for it, and when the mods did what they thought was best, fired up an apparent vendetta against the company. I don't honestly know what we could or should have done differently. We aren't trying to silence criticism, just stop what appears to be one person who is determined to crush our game and company. :(

(sorry if there are any typos in this, btw, I made this account to reply AND I'm typing on a crappy iPad since I'm not at my computer. IPad typing is the legit worst)"

She is already at -1 so probably going to be hard to find, also might not be her.

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