Dear Discord...

I totally agree with you on being constructive in criticism and actually explaining what you don't like and why you don't like it. That should always be the case because nobody will know what is wrong from a "this sucks" post.


Nobody here is asking Discord to implement changes!

That is the whole point. Literally nobody at all asked for these completely unnecessary and totally unusable UI changes. The only thing people want now is that they revert it back to the old design.

There was absolutely no need to literally waste time on the development of these utterly horrifying UI changes.


The message input bar.

How does this: fit the rest of the UI better in any way than this: ???????

These circular roundings are nowhere else to be found in the mobile app and it doesn't look like the desktop app either.

The only reason they made it like that is because it is a design ripoff of the Apple standard UI which doesn't make any sense at all on an Android device.

It's obstructive, doesn't match the rest of the UI and slows down the usage because now you have to make one more tap to post an image (you first have to open up the buttons because those disappear when you are typing).


The absolutely horrifying new sliding animations in the latest update (v20 if I'm not mistaken).

Sliding the chat out of the image and over the side menus instead of sliding out the menus themselves is making no sense at all in any way and looks just plain wrong and looking at it genuinely makes me feel dizzy and uncomfortable.

The entire UI doesn't feel at all like Android anymore with these changes, is unnecessarily slow and the animations make quite a few people dizzy (according to quite a lot of comments and posts on this very subreddit).

Nobody asked for these changes. It was wasted time in development that could be used to fix actual existing problems like the hanging/crashing emoji menu (which is a known and still unfixed bug).

And too be honest with you: Asking people to "just use these changes" for a while seems quite wrong to me. Because no, you don't have to use such utterly bad changes for some time to know that they are bad. And just using it and getting used to a shitty change won't make it any better and won't suddenly make people like it.

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