Dear Indian women looking to settle down and get married, what do you find attractive in a partner?

It's good to understand what women look for in the men, but the sad truth is in majority of the marriages they don't get to choose that, and that results in separation.

I was in a healthy relationship, we were compatible and could understand each other's need. It was perfect, but when it came to marriage, her parents couldn't agree, reasons because I was earning less than her, and it was a love marriage. Their argument was that one needs to take care of the household (her) but I am earning less hence, incompatible. I was ready to be a househusband, can cook, clean and all those things (been doing that with mother since my sister is not able to. So it wouldn't have been difficult for me), work on my hobbies and keep the house running also in case she need a break from work.

In the end it didn't work out and we had to break up.

Something similar is happening for my brother also. My brother is in army. There are loads of rishtas with well educated girls like MBA or Doctor etc... Their parents are eager for such a lucrative bachelor. But it's clear that a girl with this much education wouldn't want to sit at home and take care of family and would rather prefer being independent. We have been denying such rishtas hence.

My point is, in most marriages it doesn't matter what women wants because someone else makes these dicision for them. And by the time women/men realise about the incompatibility. It's too late.

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