Describe something in your world that you haven't fleshed out yet. Those who reply will help you brainstorm.

There's a race of beings called the Enon, who where created at the moment the universe where created. Originally they were a kind of magical energy beings. (I want to keep it unclear because virtually everything known about them is myth where fact and conjecture are interchangeable.) They're not that far above human level of "comprehension" for lack of a better word, but they have knowledge born of billions of years worth of experience. They style themselves as the supreme custodians of creation. At first, things were fine and dandy, until other sentient races started popping up over eternities of time, and eventually they started fighting Enon. None of them do much damage, but they do kill a few Enon, who realize "Oh crap, we can't reproduce, but these other things can" and start grappling with the implications of that. Some Enon start experimenting with how new souls can come into being, and eventually they come to a "solution" that ends up forcing all the Enon into having physical frames that allow them to die. This ambigous process wasn't exactly voluntary, and the Enon break into a messy civil war with many factions. The "Nay to dubious experimentations with mortality" Enon win a pyrrhic victory, and the other Enon are killed or dissapear. At this point, only a few million (Of Quadrillions) Enon still exist. Meanwhile other races have flourished throughout the universe, and the Enon, whose religon is centered on ordering the universe , are left purposeless and a little messed up mentally from their unwilling transformations. They transfer themselves into humanoid metal forms to sidestep their newfound mortality and basically resort to spending millions of years waiting in massive arks in the depths of space or in pocket dimensions connected to scattered worlds, only rousing to hunt down the "betrayer Enon" who may not even exist at this point. Their general mantra now is "We we're born when this universe wass created, and we will exist until it ends". I kind of intend for them to fill a role similiar to the Balrog in LOTR: they're supremely nebulous and unexplained forces in the darkest places of the universe whom the typical person is virtually garunteed to never see or know about, but you really don't want to ever piss them off.

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