Did you high school have an "incident"? What was it?

Well short story is I'm now on the FBI watch list, but here's the long story. (I'm on phone so work with me here.

So to start off it was international day during our "spirit week" so me and a couple of friends decided to dress in middle eastern attire because we were stupid. Now we were having actually a pretty good day and even got our guidance counselor to laugh at one point.

Now later on that day I get the fantastic idea to snapchat me with an American flag bandana while wearing one of those middle eastern hood things (sorry I have no idea what they are called but they help keep the sun and sand off your face) with the clever caption "down with America," well one kid I sent it to was apparently appalled by this and showed his mother who contacted the school saying there were terrorist threats against her son and the school.

I was promptly called down the next day and explained of the situation, saying not only the school was involved but the police had also been contacted.

I spent the next week clearing it all up, getting my school transcript cleared up and the police then dropped the case stating "this is not worth our efforts." I was then allowed back to school after a week suspension and an FBI background check that found nothing wrong with me.

So now I'm on contract with my highschool (it's a private school so that another big reason this all happened the way it did).

so yeah that's about it, I gotta be extra careful until I graduate, and just so were all clear I do understand how stupid I was and that it was extremely, I guess bad is the word. But yeah I'm clean except for being told if I screw up again I will get in a lot of trouble and not just from the school because now I have a record or something. But I'm joining the military and they don't seen to care so I feel better. And that's my "incident".

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