Why did you leave Germany?

Not the commenter, but few places can be worse than Germany. I'm from South Africa and back there I never experienced the apathy and lack of care that German doctors are renowned for. If I go to a doctor in SA with an unclear cause for my symptoms, they work with me until we figure it out. In Germany if the doctor can't diagnose it with a quick exam and some bloodwork, they'll usually blame stress and send you home.

Source: the last 5 years of my life.

And don't forget, there was a German doctor who negligently killed two patients in the UK, one by giving 10 times the allowed dose of morphine, and another by not detecting heart failure. He wasn't allowed to keep practicing in the UK, but Germany welcomed him back with open arms. Germany gave him a small fine and he's still practicing medicine in Germany today, and even teaches med students.


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